Ultimate Student Nurse Survival Guide
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Chronic Respiratory Disorders



  • Characterized by hyperresponsiveness
    of airways – bronchospasm (spasm or prolonged contractions of the
    bronchial smooth muscle).
Helpful Links
3M Heart and Lung Sounds
Listen to audio recordings of specific heart and lung sounds.
ABG Practice Test
Anatomy and Physiology Essential Study Partner 2.0
Anatomy Lab Dissection
This is not for the faint of heart. Real videos of cadaver dissections.
APA Style
Your APA formatting questions answered by the people who created APA format!
Cardiovascular Physiology Concepts
CDC Milestones
Childhood development milestones are identified and concisely reviewed. Checklists and an interactive milestone chart are also available.
Cells Alive!
USNSG's favorite site for cell reference. This is an absolute must see for any nursing student!
Critical Care Handbook by Nurse Bob
Detailed, everything you need to know for the ICU guide.
Critical Care Medicine Tutorials
This site was developed to help residents during their critical care rotation in the surgical ICU at the University of Pennsylvania.
Davis's Drug Guide
Everything you need to know about renal failure and dialysis!
Essential EKG Information for Nurses
Overview of EKG information that is interactive and fun!
Family Practice Notebook
This site is amazing! Doctors, PAs, and NPs use this everyday in real life. This is definately a resource worth spending time with!!
Global RPh
The physicians ultimate reference for anything and everything!
Lab Tests Online
All lab tests are reviewed and explained on this site.
Loyola University Medical Education Network Assessment Guide
Simply select which assessment you would like to practice and it guides you through!
MD Calculations
All of the calculations you will ever need to find in one location!
Medical Mnemonics
Menmonics developed by students for students.
Medication Calculation Quiz
Metric Conversions, tablets,doseages, and IV flow rate conversions!
Nursing Care Plan Blog
helping nurses, students / professionals, creating NCP
Nursing Diagnosis Handbook Care Plan Constructor
enables you to create customized plans of care
NursingStudy Stacks
Online flashcards!
The 6 Second ECG simulator
Put your ECG reading skills to the test!
The Auscultation Assistant
Explore lung and heart sounds with this visual and audio aide!
The Basis of ECG Diagnosis
Complete and indepth EKG tutorial.
The Cardiovascular System Tutorial
Start here to find the latest evidence based practice guidelines and research for diseases- listed A to Z.
The Merck Manual for Health Care Professionals
The Purdue Online Writing Lab
The Purdue OWL offers over 200 free resources including: ■Writing and Teaching Writing ■Research ■Grammar and Mechanics ■Style Guides ■ESL (English as a Second Language) ■Job Search and Professional Writing
The Surgery Encyclopedia
Virtual Body
Illustrations of anatomy and physiology.